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The best personal trainer! I’ve been working out with Francis for many months. Before I was seeing Francis, I hurt my back lifting weights. I needed to make sure that my technique was sound to assure I didn’t hurt myself again. That’s where Francis came in to the picture. He’s great at keeping me motivated and he makes sure my technique is good to assure I don’t hurt myself again. He’s easy to work with and he makes each session enjoyable. I highly recommend Francis to anyone who is interested in personal fitness.

Anna Choo

If you want a PT that know his stuff. This dude is the person. he takes his time to understand your needs and requirement and tailors his training to suit you. His customised exercises are just so effective. What I like about his method is the fact he incorporates a lot of compound drills which targets the full body.. He is gentle in his approach and very fun to work with.. once i am back in the UK i am returning back to mr Francisstacks.. #greattrainer

Jason Banyikidde

I was quite nervous approaching my first session. Although I do a lot of running, I’d never done much in the gym before. It was confidence I lacked. Francis was supportive and encouraging from the beginning, pushing me to do more than I thought I was capable of but never pushing me too far. I gained confidence and also noticed a real difference in my muscle tone. I’d highly recommend Francis to anyone wanting to learn more about the gym, or looking to get in shape and have fun doing it!

Jennifer Young

Anybody can be a personal trainer, but it takes someone special to motivate you in the right way. Without hesitation Francis is that man. His infectious WINNER attitude pumps me up so much, I can’t wait to have my next session. In only a couple of weeks I’m seeing not just physical and health benefits, but also my general state of mind is on top form. To have someone coach you in your diet as well as train you leaves nothing for me to do aside from turn up! Thanks Francis!!!

Terry Murphy, UK

Francis is very passionate about his craft and delivers an excellent high intensity work out every time. I am currently in the best shape of my life and I feel amazing and it’s all due to the personal training session and nutritional advise given to me by Francis.

Hakan Enver

I had a few months off work and wanted to set myself a challenge and raise money for a good cause at the same time. I decided to climb Kilimanjaro in December last year and having spent the last 10 years sitting at a desk doing no real exercise I knew this would be a challenge. So in the last week of September i signed up to Virgin gym on the strand and got myself 2 introductory Personal training sessions with Francis. The first hour session we discussed what my goals were going to be and he then proceeded to put me through my paces. I was incredibly unfit and my body was in shock to say the least and i had to excuse myself for a few minutes as was unwell! This was very much due to the fact that i had done no exercise. When i returned Francis was very kind and we continued and a slightly moderate pace to not trigger any more mishaps! On my second visit, Francis asked how my diet was going and how i was feeling before then putting me through my paces again. What i liked the most was that although i had shamed myself a few days earlier he didn’t let me have it easy and kept pushing me to reach my ability, It was after this session that i decided to enlist in the 8 sessions a month on offer with Francis, as i knew he would continue to push me so that when December came around i would be as ready as i could be. Over the next couple of months that i had sessions, Francis continued a different variety of exercises for me to ensure that ii was working on every part of my body and not just focusing on my legs. He also walked me through a good diet plan to make sure all this hard work wasn’t wasted on my bad diet. During each of the sessions, he would always make sure i was comfortable with what we were doing, making sure i wouldn’t injure myself and at the same time constantly pushing me to do more, something which i find impossible to recreate when training on my own. Also outside of the sessions he was always available to contact by phone or email if had any other queries. I went from someone who actively avoided gyms to going every day, as Francis made the whole experience enjoyable. He is a very dedicated trainer who pushes you to your limits but at the same time makes you feel at home, and with whom you can laugh and joke around with. Having done 2 and half months of sessions with Francis i then went of to Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro, it was truly an amazing experience but made even more so that from a physical stand point i had no difficulty as Francis had got me to a place where my fitness was above and beyond what was needed so that i was able to enjoy the experience at its utmost. I cannot recommend Francis highly enough, he is a great personal trainer who made one of the laziest people into a regular gym goer! He is great at pushing you and helping you reach your goals, and on top of that i have got a great friend out of it.

Karim Okan