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Functional Training

Functional training covers a wide variety of exercise styles that have become popular in recent years. Inspired by the rise of new methods in CrossFit and other forms of HIIT, functional training focuses on simple movements and combining them to produce different effects.

It is usually performed as HIIT, meaning you can get a great workout completed in a short space of time.




Key Benefits

Functional training doesn’t have a set-list of exercises, so the benefits will depend on what you do and how you implement it. With that said, the focus on basic movements is a great because it allows you to scale your workout to meet your needs. If you can’t perform an exercise, there’s always a simpler one you can do for a similar effect!

This makes functional training a great way of getting into fitness and developing a wide variety of basic movement skills, all while building muscle and burning fat. This prepares you for anything and is a great starting point for finding your favourite way of training.

Functional training is amazing for how much high-intensity cardio exercise and core work it uses. You’re going to see a lot of development in the core muscles that stabilise the spine, boost your heart and lung efficiency, and start developing a well-rounded physique.


Why is it so Popular?

Functional training has become popular in recent years due to the rise of attractive, high-profile events and a strong marketing campaign by some of the leaders in the field.

It is so appealing because it is a self-improvement device built around a wide variety of exercises. If you’re not looking to specialise, but you want to get better at everything, it’s a great place to start. We’ve seen huge improvements in everything from health and mobility to strength and power with this type of training.

It also provides busy professionals and family-types with a way of working out effectively, across a wide variety of important movements and workouts, in a short space of time. As a HIIT workout, it tends to provide a 20-60-minutesession which can be performed at any time of day – important if you have a busy life!


Things to Remember

Functional training is a great approach for developing general fitness and skill across a wide variety of different movements and workouts. However, there are some key points to remember:

  • Stick with your skill level and be humble – as with any other form of exercise, you must learn the basics before you can perform them in a hardcore workout.
  • Always focus on developing technique and controlled movement. This is like humility, but it’s going to keep you (and the people around you) safer
  • Split your time between functional HIIT and slow, controlled practice of the things you’re weak at. As ever, improving your weaknesses is key to long-term progress.
  • Work with a great coach! With the variety of movements and their risks, it’s important to have the right guidance to give yourself the best results and stay safe.