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Core Training

Training the core is functional and aesthetically useful. If you want to be healthy and age well, core training is a key part of your workout.

A well-developed core is also essential to developing an amazing physique or improving your performance for sport and exercise.

Key Benefits

Safety and Health

The ‘core’ refers to any muscles that stabilise the spine and move the trunk. The obvious main benefit, then, is keeping your spine healthy and protecting it from damage.

Back and hip pain are notoriously common, making life miserable for many people. A strong, effective core is going to reduce your chance of suffering with these problems and even improve your independent movement as you age.






Core strength is also key to exercise performance and maximising your results. Force transfer is all about how much of your leg power you can transfer through your racket in a tennis swing, or through the barbell in a squat. This relies heavily on your core strength.

If you need your body to work as a single, effective unit in any sport, a strong core is essential. You can maximise these benefits by involving different types of movement in different directions!






Posture is all about how you position yourself when you’re not really ‘trying’. If you’re slouched over at your desk, you’ve probably got bad posture.

Posture plays a role in areas of life you probably didn’t expect: long-term health, strength and physique training, and it even changes the way that people think about you.

Core training can improve your posture, preventing long-term injuries, improving your health, strength, attractiveness and even improving your professional appearance. If you want to live a healthy life for longer, impress and influence people, and perform better, core training is essential.

Why is it so Popular?

Core training is popular because everybody wants better health and a great-looking set of abs. These aren’t the only goals that it helps accomplish, but they’re the most popular!

Core training can be used in a wide variety of ways, from weight training to circuits and conditioning, making it easy and effective for everyone. Whether you’re looking to gain muscle, lose weight, or simply stay in shape, core training can be tailored to your needs.

We love HIIT, and core training provides some of the best exercises for this method. From mountain climbers and V-ups to hollow holds and leg raises, core training is popular because it’s so easy to adapt to your needs.



 Things to Remember

Core training is all about control and variety. You should always focus on stabilising your midline and moving with control. The best progress comes from a focus on keeping your core engaged and moving well!

Variety is also key for health and performance. This means using lateral movements (like side planks), rotational exercises (like the slow Russian twist), and isometric holds (like the plank, hollow hold, or advanced variations).