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Boxing Training

Boxing and combat sports are more popular than ever, and the training they use to achieve their amazing athleticism and endurance is growing as a result.

Boxing-style training has been around for centuries, but popular media events and the growth of MMA have sparked even more interest. But what can it do for you and your physique?





 Key Benefits

The most obvious benefit of boxing training is the huge endurance workout it provides. If you’ve ever worked a bag or sparred before, you’ll realise the huge fitness that professional boxers require.

Endurance: A Full-Body Workout

Training for boxing is a full-body workout, requiring you to move constantly, throw punches, duck and weave, and generally push your heart rate way up. The fitness and endurance this develops are amazing, and you will find yourself achieving a full workout in almost no time.


Boxing training incorporates a wide variety of skills and movement demands. From footwork to punches, there’s a lot to learn and practice: you’ll find yourself practicing new movements and developing endurance, coordination and balance rapidly.

These are les flashy than other forms of athleticism, but they have amazing benefits to your health and performance in almost every other area of fitness. You’re going to develop these skills rapidly, and they make a great combination with other forms of strength and power training.

It’s great fun!

If you enjoy something, you’re going to do it as much as you can. This is obvious with boxing training: it is an amazingly enjoyable and practical way of developing fitness and learning new movements, all while having a great time.

For many people, simply enjoying fitness is half the battle to achieving goals. If you’re looking for a new challenge and you’re not enjoying other forms of exercise, boxing training is a great way of mixing thing up. You’re not going to notice the minutes pass when you’re enjoying your training, and that’s the best way to get fitter!

Why is it so Popular?

The rise of MMA and the ease of access to boxing and other combat sports through the internet has breathed new life into striking. Boxing matches still draw huge amounts of attention and the sport is growing in an unprecedented way.

Boxing training is growing with it because it’s great fun, it boosts your endurance rapidly and provides rapid, healthy weight loss. Boxing conditioning is no joke and the mixture of results, challenge and fun go a long way!

Basic boxing training is also a great way to ensure that you know how to move. Self-defence isn’t the focus of boxing training for fitness but knowing how to throw a punch (without breaking your wrist) and avoid receiving one is a great life skill. You might never need it, but it doesn’t hurt to keep yourself safe.