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About Me

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” - Lao Tzu


Throughout my early to late teens, I’ve always seemed to struggle with nutrition and exercise, which lead to me being overweight. It was embarrassing to express how I felt publicly, but the truth is that I had beenfeelingthat way for a long time, but felt powerless to deal with my weight problem and embarrassed to speak about it openly. I have never been slim or particularly athletic like my friends. I was plain and simply overweight and I would often disguise this by calling myself big boned. I have tried many different forms of exercises to lose weight, from skipping, jogging, football, exercise bikes, rowing machines, press ups bar etc. I even tried EMS (Electric Muscle Simulators) machines! But regardless of my attempts, the weight stayed on andmy confidence and self-esteem remained low.

My journey continued throughout my late teens and early 20s. I attended university and decided to sign up to my local gym. This was my first step towards my fitness journey. After graduating from University with an Accounting and Financial Management BA (Hons). I returned back to London where I worked in the city for a largeFTSE 250 company. I was happy with what I was earning from the job, I was happy with the stability and the prospects that working for this company offered.However, I wasn’t happy with the actual job. I didn’t have any passion for Accounting and Financial Management. I was simply going into work to make a living, and after work I’d run to the gym to make myself feel alive again. I had a lot of passion for self-improvement and fitness and it was this passion that eventually allowed me to leave the finance industry and take the next step towards a life in fitness.

I wanted to change lives through health and fitness! I figured that with my extensive fitness knowledge, training, empathy and relatable experiences I would share with my clients, thiswouldallow me to change lives.

Since becoming a master personal trainer I am constantly studying and perfecting my craft. I have changed and transformed the lives of many of my clients allowing them to befitter, healthier, more confident and happier. I receive huge personal gratification from transforming and changing the lives of my clients. I’m extremely happy to have changed my career path and to follow my passion.

My first single step was the first step towards not just transforming my life, but also the lives of many others. Take your first steptowardschanging your life and click below to Book your free fitness session & consultation.


  • Master Personal Trainer
  • Transformation special
  • Premier - Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing
  • Accredited Nutritionist Phil Learny ACA
  • TriggerPoint Level 1 Self Myofascial Release
  • Premier - Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training. Including Postural Analysis Business Skills Kettlebells, Circuit Training, first Aid, Nutrition.

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